June 6th, 2006

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8394 - Too-oo-uh-oo's Day. (In the style of Buddy Holly, for no good reason)

Danny visit today. I estimate Japanese food and the Poseidon movie will happen.

Mental Moments of Poetry -
Tit for Tat

I often pass a gracious tree
Whose name I can't identify,
But still I bow, in courtesy
It waves a bough, in kind reply.

I do not know your name, O tree
(Are you a hemlock or a pine?)
But why should that embarrass me?
Quite probably you don't know mine.

-- Christopher Morley

The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow's Projected Feast:
Reflections on a Mythic Beast,
Who's Quite Remarkable, at Least.

I never saw a purple cow,
I never hope to see one;
But I can tell you, anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one.

-- Gelett Burgess

Gabbed with Tina for about a zillion years on the phone - topics ranged from Shakespeare, Baroque Music, pet stories, furniture, veggie meatballs, lj, stain removal, life at a not-for-profit & work ability, pomade on bedclothes, the terms ballcap and walkies, patient doughnuts, library fines, but NOT Huey Lewis and the News. Some sort of record for random tangents....time compressed to the vanishing point, and it was a lot of fun, making with the jibba-jabba.

Project at the gig is lining up folks to learn about CSI - $100 for four 1-hour sessions with professionals to go to the org's coffers. Not a bad idea... law enforcement instructors are a easily obtained resource.. I'll probably sit in on them, if I can go as a rep. I may actually wear my company shirt to a company function... how weird is that?

I have to start thinking about web and local areas to get folks interested. I'm not too crazy about the Broward and Dade LJer communities, due to the large number of twinks... I'll have to evaluate 'em again.

Recieved some great tunes yesterday...The Thorns and Josh Rouse. Nice Mellow sound. Thanks, Super Kayaker!

Moment of Lyric - mp3

Under the cold blue stars you would just stroll around the yard
that's what happens to dreams when the life strains and the child lays in you

When you got old you played guitar in a little town, your favorite bar
just blowing steam now the lights fade and everyone's paid to see you

So did the farm steal your soul when the cornfields won't grow
its time to leave, now the heart bleeds and the family leans on you

You were under the cold blue stars in another town your favorite bar
that's what happens to dreams when the life strains and the child lays in you

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8395 - Klonhertz - Three Girl Rhumba (Promo Video)

This is Klonhertz rendition of the classic Wire jam "Three Girl Rhumba" with a paper bag cut-out band.

Hooray for Paper dolls!Geotarget

Think of a number,
divide it by two,
something is nothing,
nothing is nothing.
Open a box,
tear off the lid,
then think of a number,
don't think of an answer.
Open your eyes,
think of a number,
don't get swept under,
a number's a number
A chance encounter you want to avoid,
the inevitable, so you do, oh yes you do the impossible
Now you ain't got a number,
you just want to rhumba,
and there ain't no way you're gonna go under
Go under