June 14th, 2006

zombie wake up

8407 - Midweek. Phew.

Two parter Dr. Who Episode "Satan Pit" didn't do much for me. It started off ok, and then sort of unraveled, until it got a quickie star trek last minute baloney ending.

Dang... is it only Wednesday? C'mon. I want to sleep in.

Moment of Lyric is from here. Good stuff. I needed some percussion to make me move. (mp3s at bottom of the entry)

Went through my AIM and snuffed out a lot of old contacts who I never see online anymore... I guess if they want to talk to me, they'll say hi. (That said, I kept a bunch, too, even though I don't usually appear online.)

I can hear the "magic ringtone" though I'm well past my teen years. ringtone mp3

Every time I start feeling low, I realize how much I've got going for me. I'm so far ahead of 99.9% of the planet, as far as comfort goes... I've got a home, climate control, health, Newt, the 'net, folks I can chitty chat with, LJ, etc. Not a bad world to live in.

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