June 16th, 2006

sleestak idol (Enlightenment)

8410 - Ah, good. Friday, is it? Right.

ECN hooked me up with a side-gig for a website for her boss. That might make for a nice couple of hundred bucks in the next week or two - probably for about 2 or 3 days worth of work over the weekends in my downtime. I can cope with that. I've had quite a dry spell in that department since the grove shut down.

Looking forward to doing a little writing this weekend, too. I'm long out of practice, and I'm due to get back on the wagon again. I've been fooling with a new mystery-type idea, so I'll see how well I can work that up into a few thousand words, give or take.

Set up Newtcam on Big Brain...That should eliminate all the random hang-ups lappie-cam was causing. If all goes well, I may experiment with streaming video again soon. As it is, I'm testing out an "autozoom" feature of the newest version of Where's James webcam... we'll see how it looks.

Newt investigates the new location of the cam. He should've been snoozing with me at that time!

Sleestak Noises, and some really keen Sleestak custom figures. I want one!

This subsection unintentionally left blank.

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