June 29th, 2006

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8429 - Thursday again, yes it is.

Got some writing accomplished last night. Basic outline, some bits of dialogue. It's not coming together in "freeflow" style I usually go for, but building on a planned skeleton seems to be working for me so far. 6 characters is a bit stereotypical so far... protagonist, romantic interest, street contact, police interface, villain and victim. I've got the method, but some aspects of the implementation aren't quite on the beam. It wa skind of hard ot get rolling, but about 15 minutes in, the flow improved.

(Writing to Linda Ronstadt's unreleased Keeping Out Of Mischief album certainly promotes noir. Got to love a good torch song from a voice like hers. Thank you, internet for obscure, but easy to download, lost vinyl!)

I would really like some of these USB Powered Air conditioned clothes in a Hawaiian print.

Bing, Bang Boing - The bounce-a-dilly whatchamagame with the bingaroony sound. (and the rnifty 70's commercials) My neighbor Jason has the smash-up derby ssp racers, and they were a hoot. (via my my littler big sis, ldy)

Moment of music - mp3

Rotating head, keeps on the right side
Coiled up and tense remains on the lookout
Expects to be shot or get given the bullet.
Rotating head tries to look on the bright side of things.

Collapse )

Keeno statues around the world (some may not be safe for work)

4th of July events in sofla's tri-county area:

Palm Beach Post's Independence Day Guide

SouthFlorida.com's Fourth of July 2006 Guide

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