July 6th, 2006

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8440 - This must be Thursday.

Perhaps the best gift for a gamer, ever. (and depending on the player, it might be a nice secondhand results gift to the group.)

Willow creates handcrafted soaps out of all-natural ingredients. Her Handmade Soaps For GAMERS premiered with rave reviews at Gen Con Indy 2005.

Currently available is the NATURAL 20 --a scented soap with an actual d20 embedded in it -- the most popular soap at the show! via eryx_uk

Debunking the Christian Democracy Myth - Quotes from the Founding Fathers

suicide invalidates insurance policies, but any death obliterates a conviction that is not final - via lizaboo

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Moment of Lyric - mp3

Patrick, you see I'm growing a mustache
And though i know, I must ask you
Does it really make me look like a man?
SpoungeBob being a man's is just a tough job
I hope you're picked
You'll be the best sponge boss ever had
Working like a dog at the Krusty Krab

Now wait a minute
I think we hit a wall
I think we hit a psychic wall

Maybe, we're just young
And we won't know till we're old
We're too young
To free ourselves from this lonely fishbowl

Some kind of wall
Some kind of psychic wall
Some kind of wall
Some kind of psychic wall
We can't get across

Come on
Let's find a way to be happy
Not like Plankton, he'll never be satisfied
Always complaining about his life
To his computer wife
You think he would've found by now
To be thought of as a king, you don't need a crown

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