July 14th, 2006

danny gaming

8455 - Yarr... success on the seven seas!

I have a vox account, interesting, but I won't be leaving lj just yet. I don't much like the ads at the base, nor the fact tha tI can't do any but the most basic raw html. Could be a good dump zone for mp3/pics/video, though.

More construction happening at the former mall of the dead. Collapse )

Danny and I hung out yesterday.. my giant squid, pirate ship and Golden-sailed galley from Constantinople (not to mention a few very fortunate rolls of the dice) was more than a match for his Scandinavian sea serpent, French and American ships. The ability to create fog banks and a cursed conch shell horn is what really cinched it for me. Note to self, look into how to drag enemies across jagged reefs. I'm just glad I didn't get the Monkey's paw.

Nothing says victory like six giant tentacles dragging a four-masted ship into the deep, never to be seen again.. the screams of French sailors echoing across a Sargasso sea. (Ramming a sea serpent in the head with a team of sailors at top speed is a ton of fun, too.)

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