July 28th, 2006

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Cripes! Is July nearly over already? Whahoppen? Weeks are screaming past at a breakneck pace.

You Are Best Described By...

Impression, Sunrise
By Claude Monet

Danny didn't like 12 Monkeys nearly as much as I do. Yesterday was calm and gentle, and I'm all for that. We discussed a question posed about usefulness of high school algebra by most people in either the workplace or at home. I'll pass it along here, just as an informal quiz, once he gives me the exact wording. Quite honestly, I don't really need either much, if any of the math I learned after about 7th grade or so.. or probably earlier... I do rations, percents, and arithmetic a lot, of course, but I can't remember the last time I had to solve for X or cut something on a proper angle.

I do, however use critical thinking skills all the time, which I think I may have picked up as a side effect of geometry/algebra/calc. If I had it to learn all over again, I would have preferred to learn those skills without some of the more esoteric greek math.

In other news, we had sushi - I had spicy tofu, some tempura sweet potato, and a veggie roll - Danny shared the tofu, and went with his usual Scandinavian-style sushi with orange fishy-eggy-type stuff. It was very pretty for being made of reproductive fish bits.

After Sushi, we went for some walkies around the cove, and discovered a few pretty tasty-looking restaurants for next time. Not a bad mix - Brazilian, French, a Dive bar, and a final place to stop and sum up the night with ice cream. We had a few scoops, and headed back home.

When I got home, I found a lot of goodies waiting for me... 2 Kids in the hall dvds, the final Zim, and best of all, my lovely Yoga package from bhk! In there was a spiffy dvd in 3 parts... AM, PM, and Relaxation. Also in the package was an awesome blue yoga mat, and swell letter to newt and m'self, and a delightful postcard, to boot. Thank you! I plan on doing the nightly on every evening, and the morning stuff on days I don't get up before dawn. The relaxation, I'll shoot for midday on the weekends before walkabout.

Photos from yesterday-
hungarian wellness mudbus stopwater wall at the sushi jointrevue blanchesunrise 072706
Hungarian wellness mud
 / bus stop / water wall at the sushi joint / revue blanche / sunrise 072706

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