August 1st, 2006

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8489 - Sharks don't have knees.

Boiled some eggs for traveling breakfast this morning, turned out surprisingly good... chilling right after hard-boiling set them up just right, and no ugly ring between yolk and white, and not sulfuric-stinky at all. Cheap morning food - a dozen eggs for a dollar, three eggs at a throw is two bits a meal.

I'm still a total newbie at yoga, but three days into it, and I'm digging it, even though I'm not quite so bendy as mr yee, the rubber-man teacher. Not doing it in the morning, but I've started doing 20 min morning when I get home from work, and then the 20 min nightly about an hour later.

EN Had a bit of a panic over Cedarville, AR and Wichita, KS last night... a bit of stress about mapping, but it was quickly resolved.

Dave has sinus surgery last week... was getting repeated infections since Wilma. I hope this will fix it.

4-second frenzy - play a bunch of games, 4-seconds each. perfect for the trendy pseudo-ADD set.

In the spirit of Wonder Woman - Theoi Project, a comprehensive guide to the Gods (Theoi), Spirits (Daimones) and Monsters (Theres) of ancient Greek mythology and religion.

E-paper for Danny - FOLEDs - Flexible Organic Light Emitting Devices - "FOLEDs are organic light emitting devices built on flexible substrates. Flat panel displays have traditionally been fabricated on glass substrates because of structural and/or processing constraints. Flexible materials have significant performance advantages over traditional glass substrates." - How it works

What does that all mean, you say? Well, I'm rolling up my monitor now and going home!

Moment of Lyric: (mp3)

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Now Rufus has a sister named Rafaella Gabriela Sarsaparilla.
If she found a kangaroo I'd say to you:
"SHE found a kangaroo that followed HER home, and now it is HERS."
But I can't say that...
'Cause she found an aardvark
That fell in love with HER and THEY're so happy.

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PHOENIX, Arizona (Reuters) - A hefty bystander at a road accident in southern Arizona heaved a car clean off a trapped teenage cyclist, possibly saving his life, police said on Friday. Collapse )

"Hungry Ghost" month deals double blow to Asian business Collapse )

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