August 7th, 2006

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Gobbled up the rest of Pride & Prejudice yesterday. Well, Elizabeth certainly wins out. Darcy, (you dink) bad first impressions, but nice recovery. Netherfield is a *terrible* name for an estate.

Nice perspective on place in society. I wonder what the world will look like in another hundred or so years? What'll be acceptable? Which stigmas will be left? Maybe I'm a super-optimist, but I can see a time (granted, likely more than a few generations down the line) where folks will not, for the most part, be judged based on genetic factors like gender or skin color. I wonder who or what the scapegoat will be; who'll get pushed down so others can raise themselves up.

I think that monkey politics are an integral part of how humans behave. Some leader and clique-type activities will happen, territory and a need to push folks around. Who's next on the list? Or, more likely, who'll stay on the list, 200 years from now? Will it still be folks who are more easily singled out by shape or manner? People with more aggression or drive winning out over folks that can be more readily stomped on?

Solar-Powered Sun Bricks - These could have more than just garden walk applications.

Moment of Lyric - mp3 (Thanks Firpo!) - instrumental

Newton in stalker-mode
Photo taken in the dark... Newt halfway between sphinx mode and stalking a paper wad I haphazardly kicked.
Note the pointy butt, though his tail is down.

rolling a joint
on the bus Friday morning - two teenagers, maybe 14 years old or so.
The one pictured had a little yin-yang grinder for buds, and rolled joints to order.
pretty bold on a packed bus at 7:30 AM.

playing with a random macro shot. my desk at work.

A Firkin is an old English unit of volume. The name is derived from the Middle Dutch word vierdekijn, which means fourth, i.e. a fourth of a full-size barrel.

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Florida LP (local)

8500 - nice round number!

James Good mounted his Pentax Optio S4 underneath his model aircraft, and shot this video. See for details on the aircraft. Shot in Bicentennial Park, Downtown Miami. Nice views of nearby construction, water, and some urban ruins, tooGeotarget