August 9th, 2006

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8504 - So, it's midweek!


Although this summer is going swimmingly, and there are great things in my immediate future, I'm looking quite forward to autumn. There was a rainstorm on my walk home yesterday, and it was a beautiful thing. Winds whipping cool air around, taking the leaves off of the trees and spraying a collection of raindrops of varying mass and density against my face. There's something to be said for feeling fat splashes and mist at the same time. I was possessed of an energy I haven't felt in quite a span, and that was certainly most welcome.

I was reminded a bit of the cool period after hurricane Wilma last year. Post-storm, the cool breezes and only the lightest of rains came - a kindness in an area without power to run air conditioning. Of course, that was in October, rather than August. A time for pumpkins, rather than watermelon. Halloween and Thanksgiving are looking especially spiffy.

I prefer pumpkins. I can think of three that are especially important. A gray one, an orange one, and a freckled one.

"Marrakesh. It sounds like a drink." - Hank McKenna

"It sure does." - Dr. Ben McKenna

The Man Who Knew Too Much

I had that film playing in the background last night... forgot how good the movie is. Gave me a bit of homesickness for Butters and Oneeyed, even if I've never been to their home. I like this remake more than his version in the 30s.

Moment of Lyric - mp3

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Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be
Que Sera, Sera

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Crime Here

8505 - Now I have to obsessivly check out every single place I go to.

Search for Inspections

The DBPR Online Services website provides information about applicants and licensed individuals for those professions and businesses that are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Nice way to see how neat and clean your local establishments are - I just did a quick check of the burger king across the street.

(Seach by name, then ft lauderdale fl)

results -

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