August 12th, 2006

Mallah / Brain Love - Neitzsche

8509 - one hour to porch-sitting

LJ has implemented thread tracking in journals other than your own, now. Pretty fascinating.. on the user info page, you can keep an eye peeled for all new entries by a user, or track threads. very handy. I wonder if the owner of the tracked journal is notified in any way?

More Reasons to love Mallah and the Brain is one of my fave couples in comics. (graypumpkin reminded me to put 'em here)

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Sistine Ceiling Full View

Aptera Concept Car: 330mpg, Under $20K

Moment of lyric - mp3 - Instrumental

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5 years ago - Soylent Green Tea Ice Cream at the Frieze in Miami, after seeing Kiss of the Dragon with my bro, cavort, first exp w/ Samurai Jack, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

6 years ago - saw the hollow man movie, and played Everway, day before sleep studyGeotarget

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