August 13th, 2006

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8510 - walkabout pics

quick peek at the knickknack shelf

turtles in the pond out back.

tri-rail station travels, and quarry

From the Bass Pro Shops - catfish, critters mostly stuffed, and a pontoon boat control panel

Pics from Britta's Birthday at the Pub - Matt, Lance, Helen, and Britta.

Had a nice time yesterday... before heading to the pub, m_c & I visited outdoor world and window-shopped a bit... scoped out the boats (fishing / Kayak / pleasure), and I really liked the look of one of the pontoon skiffs. If I lived on the river or a canal, I'd seriously consider getting it to tool around in. There was a lot of nutty taxidermy there... I was reminded of the Ace Ventura line "What a lovely room of death".

After the Bass Pro Shop, we hit the pub early.. got a little spinach and artichoke dip, and chitty-chatted until the rest of the gang showed up.we had a good time, and I happy to meet everyone. Our end of the table had Matt, Tina, and Helen, and the conversation was very nice. I was pleasantly surprised to meet helenangel in person, and alectoerinyes seemed to really dig her b'day with us all. We actually got goodie bags filled with candy and little toys! one of the party favors received was a Snap deck... curious, since I just found out what snap is from eryx_uk about half a week ago. Matt lives in WPB, and was kind enough to zip me home at about 1:30am, otherwise I'd have had to hit the ol' northbound tri-rail at 10pm. He's a nice guy - went to HS with Helen, now a pilot for Jet Blue. Very knowledgeable and a warm-hearted sort of person. I didn't get to talk much with Lance, and the Librarian crew on the other side of the table, mostly because the music was a little loud, and the chat-dynamics didn't allow for much talking more than two chairs over. I think the next time I do something like that, I'm going to try a "shift seats every 2 hours" sort of thing, just so I can absorb a little bit of everybody.

All in all, it was an excellent day.

Today, my plans are movies about the sea. Pirates of the Caribbean, and IMAX: Deep Sea 3-D.

Until later, dear journal!

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