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August 17th, 2006

8515 - a quickie

Hack or Break Into a Windows Xp Computer Without Changing Password

If I didn't like tabletop RPG gaming for the social aspect, I think I'd have gone in for use of school supplies, at least at first. I don't think I'd have stuck around for nearly as long, however.

All kinds of fun can be had with pen lights and long exposures. (the whole site has neat entries)

Yes.com has a nice real-time visualization of what's being played on the radio around the country (U.S. only.) You can drill down and check out the recently played items of many stations around you as well.

I'm really enjoying Weird Maryland... thanks, bhk! :D Even if I don't get to hunt bigfoot or the anti-santa when I'm up that way, knowledge is power! I wouldn't mind visiting Poe's Crypt, if there's time.

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