August 18th, 2006

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8516 - Spank Frogs, it's Friday.

Happy Birthday, BeaucoupKevin!

Big gamma-green cheers to you and yours!

Moment of Lyric (via)

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Doowop dooby doo doowop doowah doolang
Blue days black nights doowah doolang

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Pink vs ELO - Don't Start Me Down (2005 Booty Von Dralle Mix) [via]

Something wonderful is coming. Good vibes are snowballing and all signs point to yes, to speak in the language of the magic eight-ball.

Rest in peace, Tony Jay - Shere Khan/Megabyte/Baron Mordo... won't be the same without you.

Don’t use your work email for anything other than, well, work. If you want to send private messages over your employer’s servers, set up an encrypted email account with a provider like Hushmail.

Danny had to bail on Friday at the last minute. Kind of annoying, since if I'd known earlier, I could've gone to Britta's game night.

Cityscape window box - pretty spiffy!

Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown
"Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown" on Google Video
Charlie Brown is on the run from the Peanuts Gang after the Great Pumpkin puts a bounty on his head in this animated student short by Jim Reardon.

(A peanuts Tribute to Sam Peckinpah)

How to reset the Administrator password for Windows XP

Sort of tricky getting back into Yoga-habit after skipping a day or two. I must be working hard... I fell asleep on the mat!

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