August 20th, 2006

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8518 - HP Lovecraft's Birthday... again, already?

Palmtran rather stinks. Route 92 only runs until 5pm on Saturday? That made a 2pm walkabout sort of tight.

Plus, it was raining.

Plus, I'm a big ol' lazy slacker man who preferred to lounge around the hacienda all day.

So, no Sugar Sand Saturday. Perhaps Sunday is the day to do it? We'll see how sturdy I am about pursuing it.

First bus is at 730 am (I'll shoot for be on the 10am ride - It *is* Sunday after all)

Saturday was devoted to lounging about the house, playing with Newton, watching the first four episodes of The Shield (good call, graypumpkin!), browsing Weird Maryland, sleepy talk on IM / looking to the week ahead, napping to the sound of rain... and having veggie burgers for dinner.

Maroone Moonlight Movies returns to Huizenga Plaza on Friday, August 25th at Sundown! (I'll be buttering birthday noses, but it's good to see the movies back now that it's cooling off again) It's pooch friendly, and the movie is All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Fiesta Ft. Lauderdale is next weekend, too.

Moment of Lyric - mp3 or youtube video

Mr. Jones
Put a wiggle in your stride
Loosen up
I believe he'll be all right
Changing clothes
Now he's got ventilated slacks
Bouncing off the walls
Mr. Jones is back!
Bulge out
And wind your waist
Tight pants
Got curly hair
Drinking cold beer
From metal cans
And Handi-Wipes!
Mr. Jones is back in town
it's his lucky day
Hold up your hands and shout
Jones is on his way
Pitter pat
Mr. Jones is back in town
Aces high
Now his pants are falling down
He looks so fine
In those patent leather shoes
Mr. Jones, you look tired
I believe you'll be all right
Sales men
Some rock stars
With tambourines
Short skirts
And skinny legs
Selling bibles
And real estate
It's a big day for Mr. Jones
He is not so square
Mr. Jones will stick around
He's everybody's friend
Fast cars
And motorbikes
I'm sure glad
He's on our side
The Jones Gang
Down at the bar
Watch out, this time
They've gone too far
They call for Mr. Jones
They put him in charge
Mr. Jones will help us out
He's a lucky guy
It is Mr. Jones' Birthday party
For another year
In his hotel room Party favors
It's a holiday

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