August 22nd, 2006

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8520 - a tweak tweak here, a tweak tweak there

Modded my homepage a bit last night - added random flickr pics to my gallery page, tweaked the geocoding to reflect my new location, and removed 4 dead links from my front page. (they decided to cancel the $10 per link, so it's all yahoo, now.) A few other little edits snuck in here and there, tacked on revised colors and a few other touch-ups. I think a major overhaul will happen in the next month or so. A new background image and perhaps some revised frames.

Danny claimed that the earth is still cooling from it's creation, but I called shenanigans on I had to look it up.

How is magma made?

The short answer: There is a lot of heat within the earth, and this heat is produced by radioactive decay of naturally-occurring radioactive elements within the earth. It is the same process that allows a nuclear reactor to generate heat, but in the earth, the radioactive material is much less concentrated. However, because the earth is so much bigger than a nuclear power plant it can produce a lot of heat.

So... my question followed... are all live volcanoes radioactive? It seems not.

Things standard lava won't melt : Stainless steel,concrete, already-cooled lava. The temperature of flowing basalt is usually around 1170 degrees C or less. Anything that you find that has a melting point above that will be able to withstand melting.

No time to transcribe, but here's today's mp3

Most recent venture brothers was a bit of a let down, but I suppose they can have one weak one per season. every other one has been pretty dang good thus far. The "dime store doctor doom" just wasn't up to snuff.

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