August 25th, 2006

scotto monkeypulse

8525 - posted by the robot - a look into the past while scotto is out and about.


I'm cheating, and posting this by projecting it into the future from the past. I'll fill this date with backdated pictures later on too. I'll be home tomorrow, and I imagine it'll have been all too brief. Peek in on Newt, if you like!

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118 years ago - A plant grows in Mexteca, Mexico, which the natives call the "herb of prophecy." A dose of it produces sleep similar in all respects to the hypnotic state. The subject answers with closed eyes all questions that are put to him, and is completely insensible. The pathologic state brings with it a kind of prophetic gift and doublesight. Furthermore he loses his will and is completely under the control of another. On returning to himself he remembers nothing of what he has done. -Excelsior Cottager, August 25, 1888