August 27th, 2006

Maryland LP (Local)

8528 - some travel piccies

Lake Placid is a lovely way to chill out on a Sunday, while drifting in and out of a nap, while giving Newtie's little orange noggin pets. Followed that up with the Magnificent Seven.

It occurs to me that I didn't take as many photographs as I might've... I was too busy having fun to document the fun itself much of the time.

glasscrabfront glasscrabside
Callinectes sapidus douglassi is about five feet tall, 10 feet long and 400 pounds heavy. Crafted in 1984 from 5,500 clear, blue, white, green and red panes of stained glass clad to an iron frame, it's greeted millions of travelers from its prominent perch in the terminal at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

urbandecay3 urbandecay1 urbandecay2 
Urban Decay in my neighborhood - more of the post office

737rear copters port3 port2port
Flight back to FLL - I plan on flying back to MD soon.

dysphemism is a pretty keen word. (thanks for the clue-in, pilarcruz !)

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Florida LP (local)

8529 - here comes the rain again

West coast and North Central looks to be primary hit zones.. Newt and I should be pretty dang safe.

Local forecasters predicted that tropical storm conditions -- heavy rain and sustained winds well above 39 mph -- could begin arriving in the Keys, Miami-Dade and Broward by Tuesday afternoon and persist through Thursday night.

more detail here

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Ernesto is has been clobbering Hispaniola all morning with tropical storm force winds and torrential rains. But now, the island has bitten back.Collapse )