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August 29th, 2006

8532 - Ernesto not as bad?

Buses will be running until 3pm today, so I'll cruise in to work at normal time, but will probably high-tail it a bit early. I'm guessing that the office will be closed tomorrow due to the storm. Hurricane Ernesto looks to be now downgraded to a tropical storm status for us. Not a bad "fire drill" warning.

Lots of lines at the gas stations, but everyone still seems fairly civil.

Sounds like Kev did ok at Gitmo - 40 mph winds is all that whooshed by there.

Back to yoga.. I lazed off for a bit, but I'm really wanting to make this work. I'd just as soon not get too slacker-y about it just yet.

newtcam sonoma
Newt loves his Williams-Sonoma Grande Cuisine bag.

Prosecutor drops case against JonBenet murder suspect after DNA turns up no match

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8533- GOES VIS 2006241 131500

GOES VIS 2006241 131500
Originally uploaded by sandrino.

Here you can see that tropical storm Ernesto is in the Florida Straits. You can see that it is looking more organized. It is beginning to have the classic shape of a cyclone. As it becomes more organized, the storm should stengthen somewhat. It is not expected to go beyond category oneGeotarget

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