August 31st, 2006

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8535 - Tempus Fugit

Made a new icon, to delineate posts made from where I might be -

Maryland: and Florida:

Planning for another Trip North the last week in October, for a longer span this time. Newt will be traveling with me, too. Talked with GP about a few things.. I'm going to talk more in-depth with Danny about it on Friday, too.

The lawn guys were cutting the area around the pond at 10am yesterday. I'm glad the storm wasn't as serious... I wonder if the guys cutting were just going with the hope of safety, or if they knew and were called in immediately.

The iguanas are out and about - quite healthy and active, as were the colored carp. I think that they're breeding.. I saw two smaller orange fish I've never seen before. Either they're new, or they've been well hidden for the last few weeks.

x365 project- Basically, you write a set number of words about people you've met throughout your life who've left some kind of impression, one person each day for a year.

Hm... 365 people in my life. I should sit down and just make a list, to see who comes to mind.I can see getting to a good start, but 365? teachers, family, friends...

NewsDirectory is a guide to all online English-language media. This free directory of newspapers, magazines, television stations, colleges, visitor bureaus, governmental agencies and more can help you get to where you want to go, or find sites you didn't know about.

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