September 2nd, 2006

Kind lady

8538 - recap and archives and ducks because it's raining

Danny and I went to see Accepted yesterday, and it was surprisingly entertaining for a movie of it's ilk. Lewis Black has aged a lot since I saw him in concert in '02. After, we went to thai food, and that was wonderfully delicious. Panang curried veggies, a cucumber salad and thai iced tea for me. yum a lum lum.

He was feeling not so great when we first started, but got to pretty good by the time we were done. I'm glad that it worked out. by 8pm, he was a sleepy boy, so we hit duncan doughnuts and got some coffee for his trip home, and called it a night.

Slow and lazy day today... Fatima cleaned up, I got to chitty chat on the phone, had a midday nap, read my book, snuggled with Newt, doing laundry now. Impersonated Liberace to someone over the phone to someone who thought my voice was sexy, previously.

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