September 6th, 2006

Kind lady

8544 - I'm not one of the Illuminati, nor am I a perfectionist.

Venture brothers "fallen arches" was back on track. Nice to see Orph with his own team. Nice use of Ouroboros and the All-Seeing Eye as a logo, too.

Ah, explanation why that notification thing only worked for some people before.

James Good (the same guy that made this video) has more aerial photos taken with his RC airplane over Miami..shots from about 800 feet up, and stunning.

Voted Yesterday - these guys were who I was rooting for. Let's hope most follow through, and only a bare minimum kick me in the pelotas. My emphasis was on pro-education, environment, minimal pork, and other typical Scotto-type stuff. The line was incredibly short at 6pm. I wonder about the turnout.

[edit- look here for results]

Note - Registered Voters as of 09/06/2006
Republican: 261,004
Democratic: 503,416
Other: 234,758
Total: 999,178

Ballots Cast: 113,205
Registered Voters: 997,174 (missing ~2000 voters?)

Rod Smith [lost]

US House of Representatives
Congressional District 17 - Kendrick Meek [??]

State Senate
District 30 - Ted Deutsch [??]
District 32 - Ben Graber [??]

County Court Judge - Brenda Lynn Di Loia
County Court Judge - Nicholas Lopane
County Court Judge - Arlene Simon Campione
County Court Judge - Robin Sobo Moselle
Circuit Court Judge - Kenneth D. Padowitz
Circuit Court Judge - John C. Ryson
Circuit Court Judge - Marina Garcia Wood

State House of Representatives
House District 93 - Alian Jean
House District 94 - Matt Meadows
House District 95 - Jim Waldman
House District 97 - Susan Goldstein
House District 99 - Elaine Schwartz
House District 105 - Henry Rose

School Board
District 1 - Carole Andrews
District 4 - Stephanie Kraft
District 6 - Marty Rubinstein
At-Large/District 8 - Jen Gottlieb

County Commission
District 2 - Kristin Jacobs
District 3 - Stacy Ritter
District 4 - Jim Scott
District 8 - Diana Wasserman-Rubin

Dear Lazyweb - Getting close to donation-time again, and I'm considering againGeotarget

To Whom it may concern:

If you had $200 to donate to a charitable organization, who would you give it to, and why?

I'm always on the lookout for good, solid charities... ones that do good works with a minimum of skimming by executives off of the top. Any suggestions?

Found this on Forbes - America's Most (And Least) Efficient Charities

Got to show the system to Aphrodite Jones today. A pleasant lady, seems very intelligent and together. Hopefully she'll get an opportunity to push info along to powers that be for more facetime in the media.

I really dig her name.

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Kind lady

8545 - Ariella B

Ariella B
Originally uploaded by

I like people, they're the ones who can't stand
They're the ones who can't stand
I see smoke signals coming from them
They say "We are out of furniture"

Stand on your own head for a change
Give me some skin to call my own
Stand on your own head for a change
Give me some skin to call my own

You made my day, now you have to sleep in it
Now you have to sleep in it
I love the world and if I have to sue for custody, I will sue for custody

Stand on your own head for a change
Give me some skin to call my own
Stand on your own head for a change
Give me some skin to call my own
Stand on your own head
Stand on your own head for a change
Stand on your own head