September 7th, 2006

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8546 - Thor's Day

Moment of Lyric - Thanks jpse! Here's the Mando Mafia version of Jojo the Cannibal Kid. They also do a keen version of All Along the Watchtower. (both are on the Get Up In The Cool album)

Feel free to compare to the original Lyrics posted there.

I'm not too fond of Chase's character on House.

I've been working pretty hard lately... a lot of things on my plate. Work's asking for a lot of things at once... I'm hoping it's because folks are going away for a week, not because they expect it all done tomorrow. Updating three websites (designing two of them) editorial content on about a dozen or so pages and a lot of hardware fiddling.

Something's on the wind about new hires at the office. Upgrades or replacements? Who can say? Scuttlebutt is that RS may be coming back full-time, too... I thought it'd take hammer and tongs to accomplish that. If it's additional bodies, we're going to need more room.

Note to self, get sized at Argenti's After Work, and eyeball any tungsten stuff there.

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