September 9th, 2006

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8548 - Beauty is only a light switch away.

The Momster was pretty dang hep to the plans for October... she's going to be in the region and will be able to come. I'll be interested in seeing how Linda and Wilton get along with Chris and Larry. I'm elated that everyone is enthused and happy. I still have the urge to isolate some folks from others, just for sanity's sake, but I know I love 'em all.

Testing out geotagged photos in flickr - seems to work ok.

Went to a Animal-health benefit at a comedy club in Boca last night. 2 local comics, a b-lister and an "a-lister". Locals were cute, but too much unfunny ethnic humor that "I'm half black and half Korean... I keep robbing my own dry cleaning store", b-lister was a lot more fun (I'll have to look up his name again, but he did some clever bits that had a nice combination of shock value & cerebral), and the a-lister (Artie Fletcher) was just totally lame.

Note to comics - If the crowd has a big percentage of the crunchy granola / vegan / animal lovers, doing jokes about abusing your dog or Steve Irwin dying is probably a bad idea.

I'm making it sound worse than it was. I had a nice time with GG, and her buddies Heather and Lisa over a couple of baskets of fries (I had diet cokes, and they were drinking apple martini-type stuff) We got there at 8ish, expecting to be late, because the card said that they started at 7:30, but I'd say the first comic came up at about 9pm, and the whole thing ended at about 10:30.

Something a little odd - I bought raffle tickets, but didn't win any of the critter baskets (there was a cat one that'd have been a Newton-nirvana), or any of the other loot... however a friendly person gave me a book on "Whistle blowers book of 1001 secrets: consumer news you can use" - It's published locally - Pompano Beach, FL - copyright 1999, so who knows how accurate the stuff in it might be these days. Seems pretty entertaining.. a bunch of little one-paragraph entries on things like credit-card fraud, energy-saver light bulbs or swordfish depletion. It seems to be put together by a member of the tinfoil cap crowd, but sometimes those guys have a little signal amongst the noise.

The Go game want to paying me $75 for a 3-hour (maximum) Event in Miami on Sept 13. They're looking for other extras, so if you want to meet me in south beach at the mall for a few hours, let me know! Here's a flash demo what things are like in the game.

Thanks for the initial go game tip, ldy !

The only downside is that 9/13 is a Wednesday, so I'd have to miss a few hours of work to do it.

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