September 11th, 2006

Hello from bro - surfing

8550 - this sammich tastes funny

The Rapture Index - The prophetic speedometer of end-time activity

I wonder what part "banner ads" have in the movement to the end times? We're currently at 155?

Lovely, giggly day yesterday. Tracheotomy Pooh-bear and stories of "Sleeping Booty" made it dash by.

Michael Jantzen’s Wind Pavilion is a nice facelift to the rotating apartments concept that debuted in Curitib, Brazil back in 2004. This particular version of the wind pavilion is proposed to be a lightweight structure primarily made of fabric to randomly rotate in the wind. Rotation would not only provide the building with an ever changing shape, but also electrical power to light the building. Michael proposes that the building could be made out of various materials and could take on many different functions such as an apartment complex.

Link to my Current listen - I created a Screamin' Jay Hawkins Station on Pandora. Have a listen if you like, dear journal. (Here's my regular listen)

App-Stick - Directory of Free Portable Applications for Your USB Memory Stick

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Audience participation. (taken from alectoerinyes)

Three Questions:
1) Which of your icons is the favorite?
2) What the last board game you played, and who did you play it with?
3) Which one of your LJ friends do you think is most likely to be a superhero in disguise?

Clown Face: It's What's for Dinner


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