September 13th, 2006

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8554 - Repeat after me: I am not a pleasure unit.

Yesterday was a long one at work, but I had a plethora of goodies once I made it to the grotto proper. A very handy copy of the Washington Post, a wonderful card, two lovely magnets and an assortment of my favorite candies. (Including a Skybar and Caramel Creams!!)

Kind of neat... Triple-O Eight in Our Man Flint was played by Landon from Planet of the Apes.I didn't recognize him until this most recent viewing.

Disable and Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Nag Screen

Mr. T says "Be Somebody, or Be Somebody's Fool!"

Sex Baiting Prank on Craigslist Affects Hundreds - waxy posts a very thorough article on the recent lj/craigslist drama. How'd I not catch this on Monday?

On Monday, a Seattle web developer named Jason Fortuny started his own Craigslist experiment. The goal: "Posing as submissive woman looking for an aggressive dom, how many responses can we get in 24 hours?"

He took the text and photo from a sexually explicit ad (warning: not safe for work) in another area, reposted it to Craigslist Seattle, and waited for the responses to roll in. Like Simon's experiment, the response was immediate. He wrote, "178 responses, with 145 photos of men in various states of undress. Responses include full e-mail addresses (both personal and business addresses), names, and in some cases IM screennames and telephone numbers."

In a staggering move, he then published every single response, unedited and uncensored, with all photos and personal information to Encyclopedia Dramatica (kinda like Wikipedia for web fads and Internet drama). Read the responses (warning: sexually explicit material).

Instantly, commenters on the LiveJournal thread started identifying the men. Dissenters emailed the guys to let them know they were scammed. Several of them were married, which has led to what will likely be the first of many separations. One couplein an open marriage begged that their information be removed, as their religious family and friends weren't aware of their lifestyle. Another spotted a fellow Microsoft employee, based on their e-mail address. And it's really just the beginning, since the major search engines haven't indexed these pages yet. After that, who knows? Divorces, firings,lawsuits, and the assorted hell that come from having your personal sex life listed as the first search result for your name.

More at Waxy's article

full followup links on rfjason's site

Is this guy just a jerk, or suicidally stupid? I can't imagine hundreds of angry local men won't have at least a few violent thugs amongst 'em... Or at least someone that knows a good lawyer?

Also... why is it so much easier to become famous (infamous?) for being a creep than a good guy?

Is this true?

If you have to introduce a second cat into your house,your first kitty cat may have trouble getting used to the new intruder. If you put a little perfume on both cats, so that they will smell the same as each other, they will trust each other more.

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