November 12th, 2006

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8644 - Eat a Bagel and Go!

Eat a bagel and GO! was our battle cry today, as BHK took charge and we managed to get up and out of the house by 10:30... not a trifling feat, considering our collective penchant for the lounge-about-the-houseisms.

(bhk thinks not, but I think maybe so.) I really dig having a walkabout cohort.

(our other battlecry of choice is "We're Grown ups, We're Married, We can do what we want!- that mostly applies to ice cream dinners, however)

We hit vizcaya with great enthusiasm...Quite enjoyed touring the grounds with bhk(more pictures from my last visit in '03 on the vizcaya tag)

DSCF0155 Bubba and Squirrel Girl Take some Peektures.


Green Dome, Pelican, red wall, stone boat, grotesques, stone boobies,spanish moss, pictures of a stalker european, sneaking into a secret door, quinteanos, swimming pools, fountains and foo dogs

highlights of the day were seeing a manatee in the wild by the stone boat, and holding hands with my beloved on the bench by the east gardens.

After vizcaya, we toured around and ultimately went to the swap-shop drive-in to see flushed away... very cute, but I think that I enjoyed the novelty of the drive-in even more than the movie. Very easy to sneak drinks and smooches in without an usher giving us any grief... we'll be going back again before sauntering to points north, I suspect.

I was pretty impressed by flushed away... they kept the look and feel of aardman, despite it being all cgi rather than claymation. cute moments and lots of fun bits, though I think that the setup for a sequel was a bit over-telegraphed.

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