November 13th, 2006

Kind lady

8645 - meeting and picture linkage

Off to a lovely start with snuggles and bagles before launch to work... bhk is far superior to me at "punch buggy" , especially in the bleary early morning, where my field of vision seems to be something like fifteen degrees. I think she whomped me about 937 times on the drive to fort lauderdale, but I loved every minute of it. Every day with her seems to shine brighter and have more potential than the one before. It's truly wonderful to have her in my life.

Found a good seasonal renter for the condo, so mortgage payments won't be an issue for a few months... that's a real blessing. (Hooray for laid back family friends that like to tour florida! I know she won't trash the place, and I can give her a rockin' deal on the rent.)

Monday meeting went pretty well, BK is still out sick, so I'm not quite sure where things stand on this and that, aside from RS getting the bulk of reporting duties, TD chewing on web / overview text info (no design work, just straight entry), and the training of the new IT guy. Things should be a fairly smooth transition, as everyone is detail oriented, and willing to take things to task... which is a big relief for me.

whoops! I just saved the company a little embarassment -

Original Text -

$100 Value
Seminal Tribe of Florida

Corrected text -

$100 Value
Seminole Tribe of Florida

Important fix. Does nobody actually proofread? Spellcheck is handy, but sometimes a human eye is even better.

for more vizcaya - see craig james white's pics - he was there about 3 days before bhk amd me.. and was allowed some indoor shots, too. His Miami Pics in general are quite nice, too.

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