November 14th, 2006

Kind lady

8646 - Tuesday.

BK was out sick yesterday... so hopefully I'll see what's up if she's in today.

Cruising down the road after the drive-in... driver is bhk, vehicle si the love cube - blue & white honda element.

Snacky-cart driving by during flushed away - photo taken by bhk.

Freaky keen eyeball graffiti on the wall in coconut grove, as we left miami.. sort of reminds me of barnacles, or space monsters.

'Spider Girl' gang held in Chile

Police have arrested two members of one of Chile's most notorious gangs, known as the Spider Girls. The all-girl gang of teenagers were infamous for climbing up buildings in Santiago to burgle luxury apartments.

In a spate of high-profile robberies in 2005, they made off with thousands of pounds worth of jewelery.

Lurking in the gardens of expensive parts of Santiago, the four girls hurled ropes and hooks up to balcony railings, hauled themselves up and walked through the flat windows. They then walked out of the buildings as if they were visitors.

The gang members were arrested last year but three of them were sent to reform school rather than prison because of their age.

They vowed to change their ways but after being released, one spider girl, Yasna, returned to her old tricks, recruiting a new member,Marcielle.

Despite both being heavily pregnant, they still managed to climb up to the third floor of some flats.

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