November 22nd, 2006

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8655 - spanksgiving eve

Last Day at the ACIM office... still will help tech-wise from home if needed for a bit. I still have no idea if the office is full or half day today. I'll assume full, and be pleasantly surprised if it's otherwise.

bhk and I are off for a bit of an early drive down the beach before the start of the work day - should be fun!

I still haven't heard from bro.. it's been months. TG is traditionally pretty dicey for him, see prior years.

It's A Bully, Charlie Brown! (or whatever the title was) wasn't very high on my viewing list... that, and the over-edited thanksgiving special on tv made me thankful for dvd players... and bittorrent.

Mr. T says - "Table the Label, and wear your own name."

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