December 11th, 2006

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8676 - pics and spam.

note to self - Write Liz / Chad letters.. good to hear from them both after so long! I have to send a note to Tomi, too.

Pics of Newt, the Xmas tree trimming, the in laws, bhk, adam and me. Bhk had me downright holiday giddy today... maybe too much rankin-bass in the bloodstream.

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Spam content is getting more interesting - most recent:

The cool air is a welcome relief, after a week of record-breaking temperatures.

I think that I may return to Hagerstown on Wednesday, so I can watch the students solo. It all started for me with a father employed by IBM.

Many of our family members who are over five years old joined the church choir and shared their musical gifts. Copies of the Championship game can be viewed on the LegalMatch television network in an office near you, courtesy of Ben. The ability to shape easily information, especially on a global scale, is democratizing. Arguably, as an academic, I often find the freely available web based dictionaries to lack substance and reliability, especially when comparing synonyms. I love to look at it, but I dislike feeling it. The value of timeshifting makes podcasting one of the most useful digital applications. How the PC has affected the face of America is one of the questions that have been rolling around inside of my head for over two decades. and I am not a normally a computer gamer! CAP Cadets Solo - flying - Says Dave CAP Cadets Solo I received word today that all of the cadets at the solo school in Hagerstown, Maryland had completd their first solo flights. As a child, I was taught to accurately compute my sales totals, estimate the sales tax, and determine the anticipated change that I would receive for each purchase that I made. Looking past the functional steps toward the applicability and the outcome-creation potential forms the bond of trust that is inherent in an embracing of any technology. I would have to ask my wife to be sure; she has a better memory for these mundane details, than I. I have found another helpful use for my handheld computer: logging my aircraft flights. These are brisk, factual and come out my recent experience; the content is often dispassionate and dry. She created a convenient dining experience, without intruding on our private conversation. The video recording that we made and burned to DVD will surely be one of our favorites, even fifty years from now. Skills not practiced are lost. We learn to like those we love across the piles of crab shells. The legal decisions require law enforcement to first show probable cause to believe that a crime has been or is being committed: the same standard that applies to search warrant requests. Dad felt that he owed much of his personal success to his being fortunate to earn a job with IBM after returning home from the Korean Conflict. now let's go over to the losers where Diane is standing by. I have noticed this behavior before, on the part of the locals. A single e-mail message or web page download my comprise dozens of packets, each of which takes a different route to reach its intended destination. However, when listening to digital audio or watching online video, a delayed packet or two is not only noticeable, it is annoying.

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