January 8th, 2007

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Gave up on Heroes and Torchwood. Heroes just didn't wind my watch - Though I liked the basic premise and the time travel guy & mimic guy. Torchwood Lost me on the "possessed by an alien sex destroy" episode. It seemed to be more titillation, less story. It's kind of a shame.. it could've been a "Hellboy" type show.

Finally saw the 2006 Xmas Who special, and I enjoyed the car chase, but I'm not too crazy about the new companion. Just a bit too bitchy for me... plus the wink/nod Rose similarities going over the other folks around. Same goes for Martha Jones.

Ever since we got the DVR, Rockford Files, Mythbusters and Black Books have been the bigger shows.

Mostly a workday today... Bhk doing law stuff, and me chewing on a lead or two. I got the qualification for unemployment in the mail today, so her work and that should help with assorted monies needed while I seek more steady gain. Tomorrow, I think we'll start loading stuff into the brown house from the blue one. I helped Larry out at the brown place a bit - treated the water heater, pressure cleaned the deck, and put down a game plan for the roof grout & replacing the three windows that are looking like they need it.

It can be fun being a grown-up sometimes! I do regret taking down the toy train around the tree... I suspect the Xmas tree will be mulch sometime in the next three days.

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