January 22nd, 2007

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8715 - By Crom! 101?

Newtcam (Now also featuring Pye and BHK as well as Newt and me) is live again, at least for a bit - Office and Loft, depending on if Lappie of big brain is more active.

Snow Day Pictures!

the bay is as calm as can be post snow the jetty - snowy with jogger 1 foot snowman - closeup - complete with baby carrot nose! 1 foot snowman -  complete with baby carrot nose! 1 foot snowman - complete with baby carrot nose! My wife makes me warm, even with snow outside. blue house porch - snow! scoups on the bay... brrr 261 south marker by marsh - w watertower mailboxes by the marsh frosted trees more tree frost

Happy 101st Birthday, Robert E Howard.

In just about one year, the Spidey video has had almost at half a million hits -

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