January 23rd, 2007

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8717 - about 10 days until my b'day

Zombie Astronaut is Featuring Ray Bradbury!

Tomorrow is Adam's swim meet - should be interesting... Adam competing vs Larry's School.

Dreamt last night about BHK and me being "gun runners" to south of the border... we were storing ensure and other high-vitamin products in the stock... the guns themselves didn't work, but were easier to bribe past the border patrols rather than food for the hungry. at one point, I though t of making the guns themselves out of chocolate or some sort of dark-colored food, but that was nixed for dream-reasons I don't recall. I remember clubbing one of the patrolmen with the butt of one of the mock-rifles and having a pinkish milkshake type substance come out... hopefully it was full of strawberry flavored protein shake.

More pics from the Paper Moon in Baltimore. decor was cute "pee-wee herman meets tim burton" painted kitsch at an angle, and the food was exceptionally good. (went on 1/17/07)

DSCN3653 DSCN3652 DSCN3651 DSCN3650 DSCN3649 DSCN3645 DSCN3641 DSCN3638 DSCN3637 DSCN3636 DSCN3635 DSCN3634 DSCN3633 DSCN3630 DSCN3629 DSCN3628 DSCN3626 DSCN3625 DSCN3624 DSCN3623 DSCN3621

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