February 3rd, 2007

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Had a lovely Birthday yesterday. BHK had a party for me, and we had a goodly sized gang over... Cathy, Tina, The In-Laws, Jimmy, and Adam for Baked Ziti, lemon cupcakes (with raspberries), yellow b'day cake with chocolate frosting, maple cookies, mint oreos, all manner of mixed nuts and veggies for snacking. Oh, and M&M's.

We had a nice time... chitty chattiing while the teens played Destroy all humans and SSX Tricky. Newt and Pye were polite little boys, too...social but not beggars or meanies. We caught up on some TiVo'd stuff when the tube wasn't monopolized by any other activity.

EM and Buga wished me a voice mail happy b'day in the early AM, and Emily called back later and sang Happy B'day to me quite nicely.

I hope my wish comes true on the blown-out candles... Adam buttered my nose *again* (in addition to BHK's two hits) right after extinguishing them. I really don't have any demands, just requests... I really have more than I could possibly have hoped for already.

Loot breakdown - Quite a nice haul for the b'day!

Rec'd (in no particular order): -
  • ~$400 in checks and cash (Momster and In-Laws), plus $50 target card [maybe to put to a Wii?] (Tina), $25 Friday's card (Cathy)

  • A great guide to Chesapeake Bay wildlife and terrain, & a Plastic Otter, a birthday party with cake and good friends, pancakes and omelet for breakfast and a ton of cleanup / prep (BHK)

  • A Glass Paperweight blown to look like a Jellyfish - must be seen to really be appreciated. (In-laws)

  • Ceramic Tile of Frog & Child - (Danny)

  • PS2 Loaner w/ grand theft auto, spy2 and a car race game (Jimmy)

  • Many lovely lj and e-wishes, a few very nice paper cards.

Use the first letter of your first name and fill out the following. Its harder than you think.

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Possibly going to the home show with the In-Laws and BHK today. It should be a nice chance to get out of the house and rattle around a bit. Either way, I'm sure it'll be a grand day.

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