February 7th, 2007

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Saw Squirrel Nut Zippers and Firecracker Jazz Band... both put on a good show. (It was a combo gift to Mother in Law and me for our birthdays 2/13 and 2/2 respectively.) I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone dug both bands a lot... and I think that the consensus was that Firecracker was the better show and band overall. (Firecracker and NZ share the same trumpet player). BHK and Larry had some of the best musical observations regarding both... they're both quite talented at evaluation and detailed analysis.

Surprisingly, the performance of Hell was lackluster, but the rest was quite a lot of fun. They said that the gig played the night previous was the first time they'd played together in 5 1/2 years, and it showed a bit.

Firecracker was an absolute Hoot (with a capital H) and we picked up both of the CDs available... got to love any band that can mix up Carl Stalling's Powerhouse and Count Basie's Jazz piano stylings. They're headed to Rhode Island now, making stops in between. If you get a chance, check 'em out. (link goes to a page w/music - auto loads)

Speaking of Squirrels and nuts, we've had quite a bit of luck at the Bird feeder. Nuthatches, red-bellied woodpeckers, robins, bluejays and cardinals. Strangely, not many squirrels since we put out the nuts and corn, but the bigger birds are quite appreciative. Zillions of Starlings... I've seen huge flocks of parrots and mockingbirds...and pigeons, for that matter, but they had *nothing* on the starling population. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud. Swarm is a much better term than flock for those guys.

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