February 8th, 2007

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8735 - Thursday's end

Highlight of the day was ending it with a picnic in the loft with bhk - cheese, crackers, seltzer and vegetarian pepperoni while watching stuff on the tivo was the perfect end to the evening.
(Ugly Betty, The Office, My Name is Earl)

I love it in the loft... it's sort of a little tree house that we can run to with the kitties and just curl up in a bubble of extra comfort.

An incomplete list of Interests added or revitalized since I've moved north -
  • wildlife observation / birding
  • fly fishing (at least the casting side of it)
  • music of all stripes
  • seltzer water (flavored, sometimes)
  • Getting together with family
  • School events
  • Neighborhood Committees (especially for emergency preparedness and regional wifi)

interview meme

via _chandra

1. How many days have you been married? 106! It's gone by like a blur, too.

2. Do you like dogs and would Newt allow you to ever have one? I do like dogs, and I'd wager Newt wouldn't mind one too much after a little adjustment period. However, dogs are a lot more responsibility than cats... walking, more regular bathing, etc... I think that I'd prefer to visit a puppy more than have one.

3. If a movie of your life were made, who would play you? Heck if I know. I've been through a lot of physical and behavioral changes over the years. Someone who can do the "giant guy" thing without being too ridiculous. John Goodman, maybe?

4. What are your top three favorite songs at the moment?
  1. This Will be our year - The Zombies
  2. I'm Alive - ELO
  3. Powerhouse - Carl Stalling

5. What do you wish you had more time to do? Everything! I've been enjoying virtually every minute!

via eryx_uk

1. If you were to gain super powers, would you honestly be a hero or a villain? I think I'd be a hero, but I'd probably use my abilities for personal gain here and there. (or at least laughs) I like to help people and do what's right, for the most part.

2. Who would star as you in a movie of your life? Dang it... I just got this question - see #3 from chandra

3. Zombie apocalypse or return of the Great Old Ones? Zombie apocalypse, please... I'd like a war that can be won!

4. If you wrote the autobiography of your life, what would you call the book? I'm unsure... "Immaculate Misconception" maybe? "Don't Sweat the Petty Things, and Don't Pet the Sweaty Things?"

I'd probably swipe a line from Bill Hicks... "It's all just a ride"

5. If you were a character from a live-action TV show, who would you be? Not sure.. maybe a bit of Jim Halpert from The Office (except that I moved to Maryland to be with the one I love - no triangles or questions there.)

IF you like, leave a comment saying "interview me," and I'll ask you five questions, the answers to which you will post on YOUR livejournal.

RPG class quiz
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