February 22nd, 2007

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8750 - Thursday

Pretty Gentle day today - Spent time looking for work, prepped a bit for bhk's meeting tomorrow, watched Hyperdrive. I rather dig the show, but suspect it won't be renewed... six episodes seems like just the right amount to get all of the parody stuff out before hitting too many redundancies. (edit: I stand corrected - looks like it'll be returning)

My Youtube account is currently shut down, due to my hosting a kids in the hall sketch and a Persephone's bees video. If it doesn't make it back, I'll just stick with Google video... no copyright issues for my home movies and misc foolishness. Sort of pesky that they didn't just take down those two, however. That spidey video was a lot of fun, and pretty active.

Dang it... I don't get a good vibe from Obama, now. He other hand has no opinions that I can see... not sure what a platform of "I like Ronald Reagan" is for a democrat. He's a great speaker, but I haven't seen a lot of solid content that I like.

Please, please, don't throw Clinton in the ring, due to her past criminal dealings and all around greasy demeanor - if anything, sh strikes me as more of a "slick willie" type than her husband. She has no charisma that I can see... the only thing that I perceive going for her is a more knee-jerk following by people who want either *any* democrat or just think that a different set of genitalia will make things better in the white house. I'm not buying.

If I have to pick, Obama will get the vote, just because he's the devil I *don't* know.

Again picking not the one that's best, but picking the one that's not as bad as the others... bleh. Ah well. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as the last two elections or so.

Ovid - "You can learn from anyone, even your enemy."

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