March 16th, 2007

Kind lady


Events of the day -

I got a short term gig doing help desk for Calvert county. Not the gig I applied for, but it'll be nice to get some clinking coin while I look for bigger gigs.

Bhk and I hit the McD's for another round of shamrock shakes! Yum-a-lum-lum.

Almost immediately afterward, we braved the icy rain and went to outback with the in-laws and Louise.

BHK's finest find at the thrift store was a very clean Paul Frank cap of a monkey riding a John Deere tractor - Was ostensibly for me, and then for us to share, but I think she's loving it more than me. Pictures to follow.

Watched two new Shows last nigh t- Jeff Goldblum's new detective bit called Raines... if the pilot is any indication, it's a far too predictable profiler show. A pity, because I like ol' JG's acting stuff, usually. It seems to be too much of a one-trick pony with weakish writing.

Flip side, we also caught The Riches, which wasn't at all what I was expecting, but I quite enjoyed it. It could've been terrible, but the writing and the subject matter was pretty fascinating stuff.

Our Internets are WORKING! As a reward, I pass around a link which I love, despite it being full of old hat. subtitled cute animals.

Moment of Lyric - The Microscopic trout and the Machiavellian Fisherman (mp3)

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