March 25th, 2007

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Taking it slow and easy today - back got pretty bad last night, but dr bhk and the nurse-kitties set me to feeling better this morning. Watching movies and internetting are about all I'm up to doing today.

I wonder how much of my cough is from springtime? The plum trees, japanese magnolia (I think) and willows are all ready to rock and roll. BHK brought me some flower seeds for our garden out back.

I just remembered... the best part of 300 was a preview for HOT FUZZ. - it looks great.

Found out bro is living with the girl who sent him to jail, and lied in court to cover her butt. He's been behaving quite badly since he got out, and I suspect he'll be back in before we know it. (he got a year's probation, narrowly dodging 3-5 years in the clink)

Obligatory Kitty-pictures, and a shared sponge bob ice cream bar with BHK.

tigger lounges at inlawsspongebobpop

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