April 2nd, 2007

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8796 - for-too

Note bhk left in my lunch bag recently -


For a Monday, this wasn’t bad at all. Imaged a few machines, was contacted by a possible gig (one that’s off near Dulles Airport, which is something like 90+ minutes away) Discovered that one of my online resumes had a typo in the phone number and have since corrected it.

You can watch video on demand on netflix now! I thought that was an april fools joke!

Spoke with Cathi and Dave last night, and it had been quite a little while. Hailey is all about speeding about from point to point like a pinball, while Mayah is a bit more reserved. I was saddened to hear that Kringle-kitty was put to sleep on Halloween last year… he broke his hip and at 19 it didn’t want to heal up. Zen-kitty and Luna-pooch are still going like gangbusters, and are mighty friendly to one another, too. Kim and her husband got a divorce, but Leisa and Brian are still together. Apparently they’re not doing the NC move for sure now… maybe I can court ‘em up to DelMarVa?

Newton was exhibiting some dominant behavior over Pye… standing over him, mouth on the back of his neck. Not biting hard, but definitely had a grip going. Pye didn’t seem too upset about it – I think that he’s pretty darn passive about the whole pecking order deal.

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