April 6th, 2007

scotto monkeypulse

8800 - fore sex

Added a new word to my lexicon - SMIB– southern Maryland inbred.

Apparently they can be seen at k-mart in St Mary’s on Friday nights.

Journey to DC on our Good Friday Vacation day! Lovely long walk... Assorted photos from the trip. Hover for details, or click to embiggen.

Rosslyn stationRosslyn staiton with blurry wifedc metroeaster island head - smithsonianhiding from predators.replica headtreasurywashington monumentcanopywoodpeckerboy talking to ducksreflecting poolabe lincoln memorialwashington from lincolnlincon memorial - detailvietnam memorial - detailbhk and I at the vietnam memorialvietnam memorialpear blossomspear blossomsweeping willowweeping willowrobincherry treecherry with bhkwwii memorial - north africawashington form wwii memorialwwii memorial starswwii memorial stars 2glory star at wwii memorialwwii memorial - eaglesbhk and I - washington monument - facing lincolnbhk and I washington monumentlooing up at the washington monumentsmithsonian and capitol from washington monumentsteam under washington monumentwashington monument from belowdc metro in motiondc metro - detailnew carrolton stationnew carrolton stationnew carrolton station - with amtrack high speed train

I really dug the subway and metro system - Cherry blossoms were fairy roughed up due to the cold patch, but the monument walk and time out with BHK was really quite wonderful. Ended at the Pentagon mall, had some johnny rockets fries and such, then headed on home... (but not before stopping at a really great deli to get some easter cookies and treats!)

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