April 9th, 2007

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8803 - Monday again!

work – despite my junk-food eating efforts, I’m still losing weight. (Or at least waistline) – Here’s a sample of what I ate today at work – Chocolate frosted doughnut, hard boiled Easter egg, Easter chocolates, 2 diet sodas, an apple and a very large helping of leftover Mac and cheese.

Work Food

We’ve been hustling today – a lot of people are out either to attend funerals, court, or just on holiday after the long weekend. Some difficulty with patch servers for the most part.

Something else seen last Friday… an actual pair of subway buskers in the pentagon station. Playing were two guys with trumpets, trombones and sax, playing for money with instrument cases doing double duty as cash catchers. BHK noticed someone gave ‘em Easter candy.

Jammin' Buskers

“If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean,” is an old motto in the service industry. Not that I’m looking to scrub toilets or anything, but I’d like to be doing more in the gig I’m currently working, but my limitations as a temp forbid me from doing so, to a degree. I’m really hoping that they take me on as a full timer and feel comfortable enough with me to allow my duties to be more helpful as a whole.

Folks in the lunchroom are getting curious about my psp, moreover that I can watch tv shows on it. They really should market it as a multimedia device rather than just a game machine.

bluetooth discovery
Bluetooth Discovery

I'm discovering bluetooth's advantages at work - the phone earpiece thing really helps a lot.

BHK got a pap smear and a full ob/gyn treatment last week… I’m glad that she did. There are so many issues that can be prevented or stopped early on when examined regularly. I can’t emphasize enough that everyone, male or female should be examined regularly – Cervical issues for women and Prostate for men (well, duh.)

To whomever may be reading this: Please, please, please visit a General Practitioner and if you’re a woman, a GYN regularly.

It seems like I’m better at writing stuff when I’m parked in a location where I can’t distract myself with other things. Lunch hour, for example is good. While I eat my feed, I can tip-tap away at the keyboard steadily, though more free-flow stream of thought than actual structured writing. However, I do have my cell phone, PDA, and PSP to distract during those times.. Not to mention friendly co-workers whom I enjoy chatting with.

I’ve been sleeping semi-restlessly these last few nights. My back still has a little ping in it from the pull the weekend before last… I can’t stay in the same position for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Additionally, my skin itches are coming back, so I tend to scratch the area on my wrists and elbow areas unconsciously, which isn’t good for healing, plus it’s an annoyance to BHK sound-wise. Antihistamines seem to help, but I really don’t want to leap into those too heavily. Atarax did a good job when things got especially rough, but knocked me totally out.

Ad link click through on my website are down (particularly on Newtcam ) since I’ve been married. I wonder if it’s because my lj entry content dropped back there for a while. My most loyal link-hitter lives under the same roof as I do now, too. So that might be it.

Found a tribute album to Roky Erickson and the 13th floor elevators and it’s better than I’d hoped.

Brother called my Mom, looking for my phone number. I’m not sure which one to give, either the land or the cell. Advantages vary. One is on me all the time; the other is more easily traced to a land location.

I need to call Danny, my Mom, and Todd to just touch base.

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