April 10th, 2007

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Busy busy – rep from dell isn’t coming in though, so that’s work saved for another day. Dead motherboard in a new box needs a swap.

Today’s lunch looks much like yesterdays, except you can swap the apple for green beans teriyaki w/almonds, and remove the tasty, tasty doughnut.

After work yesterday, I was surprised to see the in-laws with BHK had come to pick us up. CB,BHK and I took an early supper at Salsa Rita’s, while LB swung by 5 guys to grab a burger before joining the rest of us. I had a veggie burrito with a splash of enchilada sauce on top, as is my custom. Apparently, they did a little shopping on Solomon’s Island before picking me up… CB got BHK a peridot ring that is apparently quite stunning. (I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds lovely.) Also planted is the seed of a stacking ring to go with her wedding band… perhaps with a channel-set green stone similar to peridot? Topaz is available in that same shade and hue, and is able to be cut thinly to make that sort of ring. Perhaps for our first anniversary or second (depending on cash flow issues) it would make a nice present. The huge beastie of a ring that CB got was a $3800 item… I’m a bit stunned at the cost, but I’m a guy who only wears one item of jewelry – my wedding band. (I had a necklace for a while, but it was hand-made by friends and was also sentimental. I still carry my red-thread wristband from Lisa on my hip-loop all the time too, primarily because my wrist is too large for it.

After dinner, LB and I went to Hot Licks to look at the guitars whilst BHK and CB headed over to the office depot to scope out supplies. Following that, we did a quick pop into the library for 1040 instruction sheets and state taxes for CB. No luck on the 1040, as the post office isn’t interested in carrying those items any longer – irs.gov will have ‘em online in any event.

Signs are up all over the neighborhood about a missing cat – we thought it was for Tigger, but it turns out the missing kitty is a male named Tiger with similar markings. If it’d been for Ms. Tigs, the postings were well over 2 weeks after she had been adopted. I feel bad for the family with the missing cat – the sign says that the children are distraught. I know I’d be more than very concerned if Newt or Pye got lost.

Less restless last night, though I re-tweaked my back a little. The ol’ spine is much better today, about the same tightness as the night prior. I’d say another week and I’ll not even notice it.

Riddle me this, Batman. If you’ve been at a gig just about 3 weeks, do you sign the sympathy card for someone at the office? I’m right on the cusp of doing so, but I’m not sure if it’d be appropriate.

[Edit: I signed it – kind or sympathetic wishes are rarely a bad idea.]

I was reminded by KE that JM’s position is opening at the county, so I’ve got to get on the stick and get a Maryland Driver’s License. I’m thinking a trip to the MVA this weekend is the way to do it. I did a little parking and turning last weekend, and it’s pretty straightforward.

I’m about 4 days behind in putting my lj entries online – It’s been difficult to do the doogie hauser routine in front of the home-based box with so many other things going on. My Lj will be seven years old in a couple of weeks, and these last few months are the most difficult it’s ever been maintaining daily entries. Of course, when I look back, there’ll still be one a day, every day… just put in the day’s slot nearly a week after the fact.

We do a lot of things here and there, even if it’s just entertaining or being entertained by family & local friends – Little wonder that BHK so seldom updates her own lj. We were in Lusby not too long ago, and we got to talking about CEJ, and to a lesser extent, KTM. I wonder if I’ll ever cross paths with either of ‘em, since I’m pretty much a local, now? We went past a seafood place called the Frying Pan and not a few doors down was the old church that CEJ took several photos of, years ago. If I were more curious, I’d see if I could dig ‘em up on archive.org’s website backups. I think I’d prefer to take my own piccies, anyhow.

Since danigolden gave grindhouse a positive review, I’m re-enthused about seeing it.

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