April 13th, 2007

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8807 - Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th! (all 160 on-screen deaths from the Jason series) Warning, there's violence. Duh.

0413070853.jpg Friday the 13th! Not so unlucky this time around. Found out that folks can wear jeans on Fridays. BHK caught sight of a nifty talker on the way into work – not sure if the barge or the sailboat underneath will be visible in the final photo that was snapped. (Photo taken at ~ 8am… pink still on the horizon.)

The Calvert county market brought in éclairs for KB and DL to thank them for dial-up. KB was kind enough to share hers with the crew, and it was heavenly. (Also, it was gigantic! One quarter was plenty for a lovely mid-morning snack.)

I plan to take BHK out tonight on a date, in order to celebrate (and deposit) my first paycheck. I’m thinking the classic Dinner and a movie dealio… maybe not grindhouse since it’s 3 hours, 12 min long.

Talkers in miniature (clicken to emgiggen)


Later ... Well... Grindhouse was ok. I liked the first half "Planet Terror" just fine, and the previews were cool, but "Death Proof" had a really good core concept, I thought that the implementation was kind of snore-y.

What I think is going on in the bay. Not too accurate, I imagine.


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