April 15th, 2007

scotto piercing gaze superhero


Visited with the inlaws for a late breakfast and chit-chat, bugged out and proceeded to tina’s to do a little kitty-loving while she’s out of town, and then headed home to take care of some lingering duties I had left. Paid the cable bill, took care of this year’s taxes - I have about $700 coming back to me this year due to the interest paid on my condo. (it would’ve been only about $280, otherwise). I also logged about a dozen pepsi caps into the online car-contest thing. I’ve been harvesting both those and coke lids from the workplace (and in the case of coke, from our fridge) for about 3 weeks now. The coke site was down for repairs, but hopefully one or both of those will turn into something spiffy soon.

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