April 24th, 2007

scotto monkeypulse

8821 -

New icon -


and other misc doodles done -

crabby pollen gasp!

Linkdump for me to review -





Wide Variety of apparel at the concert tonight – from dudes in kilts to gypsy girls, to yuppie-types in suit and tie to casual looks.

Bigger onslaught of oddball text messages and spam comments in the journal. Detail to follow.

New AV guy started today – 7 hours a week. Primarily for commissioner webcasts. Looks a little bit like Jim from The Office.

There’s a lien on the Deerfield property – threatening foreclosure. It’s over a $1600 assessment which appears to be illegal. Approximately 20 people out of the 35 members being assessed for C & D building are refusing to pay, and BHK agrees that it’s a form of extortion by a corrupt condo association. So, we’re holding off for now.

Very sleepy this morning – 6:45 was gray and cool… good hibernation weather.

I forget if I posted this – the difference between working in broward and calvert counties – rec’d in my email box last week or so:

“I found a $5 bill on the floor in front of the drinking fountain. If it belongs to you it is at Gypsy’s desk.”

Now THAT is funny to me.

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