May 4th, 2007

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8833 - Friday -

Dawn rises on a new day. I crashed hard last night and was a clumsy oaf this morning… it seemed like only 7 out of 8 cylinders was firing for the first two hours of wakefulness. BHK was good about taking up my slack, however.

There was a little bit o’ hustle first thing this morning at work – some folks are out due to nascar being in town, and others are heading to the 400th anniversary of Jamestown near Williamsburg . Apparently the Queen of England is there right now, before she’s off to the Kentucky Derby.

Speaking of the Kentucky Derby, BHK and I both are enjoying Ace of Cakes… the pilot episode had them making a cake for the big Maryland horse race. I don’t much care for the people’s personalities, but looking at the local color of the scenery and landmarks is a nifty thing… plus the architecture of both the local buildings and the cakes is pretty fascinating to observe. So far, my favorites are the University of Maryland Terp and the Taj Mahal cakes, though the Scrabble cake was pretty dang neat, too.

I’m slowly but surely turning BHK onto Good Eats with Alton Brown, too. She pointed out that he certainly has a fondness for deep frying – and on that same note, she made some awesome falafel for lunch (with Cathy and Lyn) yesterday. Partially to thank Lyn for the legal help regarding the condo board issues we’ve been having.

Blood donation -

Appointments are recommended and can be made by calling 1-800-GIVE BLOOD or 1-800-448-3256. Or the Chapter Directly 301 934 2066

I need exercise. I want some fresh air. I’d like to do good some works. I want to avoid bending in the middle for the time being, and not get sunburn.

I wouldn’t mind a replay of last weekend… a day with just bhk, and a day with friends and family.

Maybe we can go geocaching this weekend?

I miss George as a radio station; random access of assorted good tunes is a lot better than 24/7 gospel, at least to me. My only complaint about the place was that there was no visible rhyme or reason between songs at all.

Congratulations on Cath555’s engagement! I look forward to hearing how things continue and develop as time goes by.

Tomorrow is Free comic book day, and I want to go get me some. Green alien head, hopefully, if not, someplace local that will shower me with pretty four-color paper comics and toys available just for the asking.

Maybe they’ll have a Zombie lawyer in the loose hero / horrorclix bin.

Quick aside, the heartbeat sensor in the new Volvos both piss me off and make me say keeno! (I’d love to see alternate usage for the thing like “don’t drive angry!” for high heart rates) Remember! A heartbeat sensor won’t protect you from Zombies, Mummies or other undead that are lacking a heartbeat!

Hmm, will it detect ghosts that do the lub-dub noise? Recordings? Beat boxers? I think that bears investigation on my part.

Aardvark's Video's Comics & Games
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Lusby, MD 20657
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Maybe we'll see you there, dear journal.




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