May 7th, 2007


8836 - Moan-day

Got the mortgage payment in today – that’s the scary thing about trying to do the automated system on a Sunday. If it’s down, there’s no human out there to run wingman for you. Chase has been really good about customer service and system uptime since I started using them as the primary banking for the Deerfield place. Additionally, it seems like they’re being quite helpful law-wise regarding the condo commandos. BHK is sending them an information packet about recent shenanigans, and I think that they’ll lend quite a strong arm to our side. It’s good to have a law school graduate in the family (not to mention attorney-type contacts all over the region, too).

I feel a bit for Lileks situation. To go from fun writing (colorful opinion pieces and slice of life type stuff) to straight news can’t be fun. Additionally, he can’t telecommute anymore. I may not often agree with his politics, but he’s an entertaining writer. At least he wasn’t Dooced.

It seems like the season for gig change with many of the folks I read. Both parenthood (especially Motherhood) and relocation appear to be common themes. Come to think of it, I just got my current gig about a month ago, and am still seeking a more permanent and lucrative venue in the meantime.

I am picking up some skills that I didn’t have before in a few of the software fundamentals arena; Altiris is pretty snazzy, though I lean a bit more to remote desktop for just straight-up handling. I’ve put more ram and HD into systems in the lase four weeks than I have in probably a decade, and had a lot of fun investigating city wireless for police and others – not wifi, but alternate private formatted networking. As for the public service side of things, all but a very few exceptions are laid-back and grateful for any help.

I think that I forgot to mention what sort of ice cream we had at Aardvark’s; BHK had a play-doh shake (vanilla colored a perfect yellow, with sugar cookie dough mixed in, tinted pink and light blue-green), and I had a double scoop on a sugar cone. Birthday cake and play-doh, making it the first non-chocolate related ice cream cone that I can remember. Usually, I get at least mint chocolate chip.

I’m long overdue to send a note to talk with Danny, Todd, Steve, Kevin, GP & Kat, Chad and countless others. I don’t know what’s happened to my social email skills, but they’ve atrophied greatly. Maybe it’d be simpler to telephone some of them to touch base and say a friendly hello just to see how everyone is doing? I’m not sure if it’d take more or less time to do so.

Adam’s last sporting event as a high-scholar is this afternoon. Tennis match, a week or two of remaining exams, and then he’s off to University of Maryland . I was pleased to hear that he and Kendall went to prom together romantically rather than just buddies; that’s a time for slow dances and some heart-shaped fireworks. They’re a terribly cute couple, and clean up nicely. Pictures may follow if Adam shoots me an email soon.

It has been difficult to look for a job when a good chunk of each weekday is spent actually working. I don't really have many chores at home to do, but the workday is quite full.

I feel really good about this bit (insert 52 image here from scans daily) with the Dibneys. Return to the Thin man and Topper style days… I’d totally go for a mystery-solving phantom couple.

I keep forgetting that google document has a post feature. It works a bit more simply than just posting from the mobile phone, unless of course I do a voice entry.

Summer is coming, and I could do with a lime-vanilla ice with my beloved after a promenade down the boardwalk.

Dreamt about riding eurail to Florida to look for lost papers, brother renamed to carrot, stolen id notes.

Pidgin 2.0 is out... will it kill my trillian freebie at last?

Back to Monday – work is being kind to me this morning, for which I am thankful. I tucked into bed far too late last night, given that I was drowsing as of about 5pm; I fully intended to take a little nap once we got home, but the siren call of seems to be down for good. I’ll miss it, but fortunately I have my pente-pal as a live-in partner now! Plus, we have a game board should we wish to do the turn-by-turn sort of thing with real pieces and all. We still haven’t hooked into freeciv or freecol, though it’s looking now like freecol may be the one for us. (I’d also like to play some counterstrike with her, too)

Kite flying yesterday was pretty fun; we all managed to get some fresh air, and even BHK’s little ‘el Bastardito’ made it up with a minimum of fuss. TM’s pink albatross was probably the most difficult to get airborne; the tail wasn’t keeping the nose up very well. Once it made it up, however, it glided nicely and other nearby seabirds wanted to check it out. I’d venture that my frog kite was the easiest to send up this time around. Adam’s little stunt kite was certainly the most maneuverable – he’s able to let it skim the water and then flick rat-tail raindrops on whichever bystanders he chooses to moisten.

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