May 10th, 2007

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8839 - Hey! Payday!

I need an elephant to fly my sweetheart and me away for a bit.


Surprised at the turn of events there – Network admin position is being elevated from within, despite the outer-ring patrolling for people. I was worried that I was out of the running due to the lack of a driver’s license, but it seems more like an old-boys club issue instead.

Yesterday was ok, overall. We had a dip in the global scheme of things due to some worries and delays which I feel have passed into a more comfortable zone since. There were a few complaints due to timing issues regarding school, testing and whatnot for both of us. The MCSE test isn’t aligning with a schedule that works as well for me as it might, but I’m going to see what I can wrangle in the meantime, school and book-wise.

My revised goal is to spend at little time working out between gig-seeking sessions in the evening.

There have been a lot of dream fragments lately, working in a factory – giant gears, jets of steam, lots of levers. The bulk remembers as a building in low light, most of the machinery a dull gold or brass color. There was a sense of moisture in the air and condensing on things, along with an enduring greasy / burnt smell hanging in the air. I don’t remember what I was doing there and in what capacity, but I do recall that there were no other people in the factory area.

I’m going to get back into a pulpy phase soon, if plans to put some Dashiell Hammett on the PDA in isilo format works out. I’ve found a really good video compression agent for the psp, and a ton of house / max headroom / shield episodes waiting to be imported. (link to public domain books – copyright only lasts so long!)

We have a ton of books from the tobacco warehouse sale, too … maybe it’s time I started keeping a paperback in my lunch pail for midday reading.

The sun keeps poking through and giving brief periods of balmy warm weather. In my perverse love for the cold, clammy, gray days, the brief to a few hour long moments of warm sun and bright light seem to be the hostile moments, while the soft rains bring me a cooling cheer. Seeing steam rise from pavement or a low fog through the woods on the road near the bay makes me feel wonderful. I will admit to enjoying the play of sunlight through the fresh green trees on our “shortcut” drive home.

Today, if all goes well, BHK and I will be picking up some more shaved ice. I want to try Tiger’s Blood (and I hope it’s not just “dumb ol’ cherry”), and BHK is leaning to a sour apple / watermelon combo. If there’s no Tiger’s Blood, I may well try orange or one of the named flavors that don’t hint at the flavor at all. (Maui-Wowie was a happy discovery). Apparently, BHK wants no part of grape, though I’m in favor of the stuff.

I’m looking forward to tonight. Tentative plans include:

  • Shaved Ice

  • Depositing my Paycheck and Mailed Check into the bank.

  • Trip to the bookstore to get additional stuff for my Certifications and BHK’s Bar / Legal.

  • A game of Monsters Menace America with BHK

  • Watching Happy feet.

I get to bug out a little early and swing by the Railway Museum (link) to evaluate much of the hardware there – Printer, DVD burner, and wireless router. My initial suspicion is that the error exists between the chair and keyboard. A pity they don't use me to do the website. it needs help.


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